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Derifix Bamba Women's Handmade Leather Bag is like moving up day and night. It has an active look that will add elegance and energy to you at any time of the day. Red, brown and green wooden beads that surround the front of Derifix Bamba are located at the point where two colors meet; it refers to the turning of time throughout the day. Finishing the cover belt with tassels can be considered as the ultimate touch, which places very different meanings on the mobility of the design.

Derifix Bamba is a work of art that is spectacular. No machine was used in any of the production stages. It was designed, sewn and painted by hand. Like all products of Derifix brand, its raw material is natural leather. For this reason, it can be used easily in all seasons. It breathes with its natural structure, does not sweat, is waterproof, odorless. It doesn't cause allergies or contain carcinogenic substances and even doesn't harm your skin and clothes. Every product you buy from our website is under the guarantee and warranty of Derifix for 1 year. (You can get detailed information from our Derifix Warranty and Return conditions section). Since our products are made of natural leather, you can use it for a long time like 30 years by maintaining the product you purchase every 6 months. You can easily maintain Derifix products by applying natural products such as shoe polish, petroleum jelly, coconut oil, olive oil or beeswax, which can always be found at hand. Derifix products become more beautiful as they are used and as time goes by. It lives with you and adds energy to your elegance with its active appearance.

Dimensions: Width: 26 cm / Height: 19 cm / Depth: 6 cm

Adjustable Shoulder Strap Sizes: Height: 105 x 45 cm / Width: 2.5 cm

Color: Brown and Turquoise Green

Features: Vegetable Tanned Calfskin (2.2 mm) / Aniline Dye / Wooden Beads / Vintage Magnet Lock with Apparatus

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