An Aesthetic Call to Naturalness

Derifix is an uprising. A culture of rebellion, the form of struggle and the discipline of not giving up whatever is put forward with knowledge, art and labour. The movement to stop being forced to live by fabrication. The courage to say "No!" to ready-made, artificial and mass production of soulless machines. The richness of not seeing a person as special and unique as a human being with the wholesale eye. The item; the ingenuity of adding to human, life and time with all its grace without spoiling its chemistry. Derifix is the name of a fresh story of existence that has chosen naturalness, freedom and originality as its mission. Yes, we are new so far and we will be able to stay new at any moment, without any doubt.

Because; We follow the traces of ancient knowledge, knowledge and experience as deep-rooted as human beings, as well as the civilizations founded by him.

Our logo carries the accumulations of ancient civilizations like our products. The Derifix logo was created by modernizing the Eagle Head Winged Lion figure, which is very common in the works of Assyrian and its successor Babylon civilization. We embarked on our journey with such a face to emphasize that leatherworking is as old as human history and to show that we can create this ancient culture under a modern brand.

We tried to explain that we want to be ready and to revive our perceptions and understandings that are covered by rudeness and to beautify life with aesthetic uses.

We do not only produce, but also offer training in leather arts by opening courses and improving the aesthetic understanding of individuals. In every person we touch, in every object we design; We want to leave a trace of civilizations, cultures, arts and nature that will fascinate us every time.

Ours is not a whim to fall prey to a daring adolescent infidelity. With those who feel our concerns about the aesthetic aspect of life, we have fallen in love with a radiant love that we have grown in flames and become legendary as time passes, and we want to stay that way. Derifix will bring back and remind us all that we have long felt and longed for. Above all, the naturalness, the skills of the hand and the value of the labour. Perhaps we will witness the decline of memorized and cliché masks such as "handmade", "leather", which are attached to the products produced and sewed by machines using artificial leather. Who knows?

You can feel the skilful touches of the master hands who passionately shape the natural leather in Derifix products. Derifix offers you the privilege of being able to easily say "I have only one!" And to see yourself unique. It makes every accessory you carry a part of you and your identity that sets you apart from others. Be sure to follow Derifix on social media channels to meet original, guaranteed and new accessories that you will be proud to carry on your shoulder, back, hand or pocket. To take a closer look at Derifix products that have become a global brand in a short time, and to buy any of our products, you can browse through the addresses of,,,


'Natural Leather, Craftsman's Hand

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